Derren Brown: Archive

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Original DerrenBrown Yahoo! Group

The original Yahoo! group set up in reaction to Derren Brown's TV appearances started in August 2001 and it was to become the foundation of DB's official forum. The group was moved en masse to the new forum and closed its doors in July 2003, but the official forum closed in autumn 2006 after just over three years of existence.

In the Yahoo! group's life span of nearly two years there was a great deal of information posted to the list, but sadly the group's archives are no longer available through Yahoo's web site. Thankfully Sarah Jones (aka papillion_1_uk) had the presence of mind to save all of the original e-mails which are now available here. Unfortunately there is no complete archive of what was the official forum, but a new unofficial forum can be found at

Yahoo Group e-mail Archive by Month

Converting nearly 6000 messages from Yahoo's format to work successfully on this site has been a lengthy and involved process, but finally they are now all here for your delectation.

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