Derren Brown: TV Series

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Inside Your Mind (DVD 2003)

Derren Brown - Inside Your Mind contains material from the three Mind Control specials and first TV series.

Series One: Derren Brown Mind Control broadcast on E4 from November 2002, and C4 from March 2003

Programme One TVWatch on 4OD

  • viewer participation: choosing shapes and colours and DB reveals which were chosen
  • from behind a screen DB 'senses energy' from participants' to identify which of his hands they are holding their hand over; effect concludes with DB trying again on the one participant he got wrong - on getting it correct he takes the participant's hand and tells him about his family, hobbies, job, and number of breed of dogs.
  • creating feeling of toothache with medical students, and then anaesthetising one student's hand to allow him to pass a needle through pinched skin
  • DB identifying an unseen personal object selected by a scientific researcher; DB instructing student how to read researcher's mind to identify the item he is thinking of
  • DB predicting design for advert created by advertising executives for his fictional chain of taxidermy stores offering subliminal suggestion as the reason behind their design
  • Music Information'I put a spell on you'
    Nina Simone
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Programme Two TVWatch on 4OD

  • viewer participation: selecting a random face from seven, and DB reveals which was chosen
  • predicting letters chosen by two students at Oxford Union
  • predicting picture drawn by student at the Oxford Union
  • DB preventing boxers lifting a girl [originally broadcast in MC1]
  • student identifying card hidden in DB's pocket at the Oxford Union
  • recapitulation of DB preventing boxers lifting a girl
  • woman at the opera describing a scene from DB's life which matches a hidden photograph
  • DB identifying a memory thought of by a student at the Oxford Union
  • DB creating sensation of touching dancers' hands at Spearmint Rhino
  • group of students transmitting the subject of a drawing to a blindfolded student at the Oxford Union

Programme Three TVWatch on 4OD

  • viwer participation: hiding watch and knowing what sort of numbers it has, whether it has a second hand, what the current time is
  • example of card counting while playing Blackjack, and explanation of memory technique
  • DB asking blind athlete series of questions the answers of which match a Braille prediction in a sealed envelope
  • market worker picking vegetable from a selection, result divined by fellow worker and then DB
  • card work in casino: DB cutting specified number of cards from a deck; DB counting number of cards he cut randomly from a deck; DB memorising position of cards within a deck, then shuffling deck and cutting to a card specified by the croupier within the shuffled deck; croupier mind reading DB to pick a card to complete DB's poker hand
  • market worker hiding picture in market, and then DB finding the picture by moving the worker through the market and letting himself by guided by worker's thoughts; during the walk DB also describes the wedding in detail
  • DB then losing his Blackjack winnings on Roulette by putting it all on 22 and 18 comes in, which is next to 22 on the wheel

Programme Four TVWatch on 4OD

  • viewer participation: transmitting card suit and value through suggestion
  • observer of incident at railway station recalling vivid details and divining man's name
  • DB divining qualities looked for in a man by two models, and a winning chat up line for a third [originally broadcast in MC1]
  • DB playing paper, scissors, stone with Millwall supporters
  • example of pick pocketing with explanation
  • reading dinner party host's PIN number
  • further example of pick pocketing
  • predicting final word of a word association game at dinner party
  • conclusion of second pick pocketing routine
  • transmitting subject of DB's painting to spectator [originally broadcast in MC1]

Programme Five

  • viewer participation: looking closely at picture of room, then unexpected scream
  • DB controlling actions of subject in neighbouring prison cell (folding arms, touching ear, removing coat), touching matching points on adjoining wall, and then drawing the same image
  • DB identifying jobs of various random people on the street, and then reading career aspirations of an individual
  • 'one inch punch' routine initially demonstrated by a kung fu grand master, and then DB performing his version with no contact, and out of sight
  • DB getting tellers to pay out on losing betting slips at greyhound racing at Walthamstow Stadium
  • used car salesman who is able to beat a polygraph (lie detector) proves unable to lie to DB; then DB is attached to the polygraph DB and his recorded reaction tallies with the salesman's thought, not spoken, lie
  • return to Walthamstow and another pay out on a losing ticket

Programme Six TVWatch on 4OD

  • viewer participation: standing with eyes closed in front of chair and listening to DB suggesting a force pushing you back into chair
  • example of 'synchronicity' with two riders in opposite cars on a waltzer drawing the same picture
  • psychology students choosing between empty and money filled envelope
  • shoppers raising their hands in the Whitgift Shopping Centre after having heard DB's tannoy announcement
  • operator of "unscariest ghost train on the planet" being terrified by the ride after talking to DB
  • DB navigating blindfolded and bare foot over a maze booby trapped with barbed wire, razor blades, and broken glass guided by either truthful or fallacious answers provided by a former SAS soldier

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