Derren Brown: TV Specials

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Specials (DVD 2008)

Derren Brown - The Specials includes Russian Roulette.

DERREN BROWN plays RUSSIAN ROULETTE LIVE broadcast on C4 on 5 October, 2003 and
RUSSIAN ROULETTE RELOADED extended version broadcast on C4 on 15 July, 2004 (additional effects listed in italics)

  • Street Work: DB correctly identifying under which cup an item is hidden: firstly two cups, then four, then six
  • Street Work: DB correctly identifying under which cup of six 40 (20 of his and 20 of a spectator's) is hidden; DB then 'sells' the 40 to the spectator for 35 who is pleased with the deal until he realises that 20 of the original 40 was his meaning he lost 15, rather than making 5 on the deal
  • Street Work: DB incorrectly identifying by drinking the contents which cup of six contains washing up liquid
  • process for reducing 100 selected participants to five:
    • Round One: ten participants eliminated by default as there are only 90 seats available; participants seated on the front and back rows are also eliminated.
    • Round Two 'Cross the Room': participants have a free choice to move from one side of the room to the other without knowing whether they will be including or excluding themselves by doing so; people who did not cross were eliminated. Only 35 people remain after this stage.
    • Round Three: participants all draw large, clear, idiosyncratic faces which all collected up for DB with one exception. DB then makes a choice of people to stay in the game based on the pictures and also interprets some to identify the artist. DB then describes the character of the participant whose drawing was not collected and uses the charater description to recreate his drawing. Only fifteen people remain after this stage.
    • Round Four: remaining participants split into groups of three and each group asked to identify a member to be eliminated, the five people chosen were predicted by DB before hand. The five people selected to be eliminated are in fact the people who are to progress to the game of Russian Roulette.
  • games with the five remaining participants before the live broadcast:
    • logic problem in which only one of three switches controls a lightbulb and the players have to determine which switch turns the light on, but they are only allowed to see the lightbulb once; the solution to the problem can be worked out by whether the bulb is warm after one of the switches has been left on
    • word association game in which when a player is out they choose a coloured seat to sit on; DB has left a prediction under each chair as to which they would select
    • passing a cork between themselves under the table out of DB's sight; DB then recounts and explains the route of cork and correctly identifies who is left with the it
  • final selection for gun loader: each participant thinks of a word which DB predicts to decide whether they stay in the game; DB then picks final player from remaining two
  • Russian Roulette: gun loader thinks of a number, loads the bullet in the chosen chamber and then counts from one to six. DB starts shooting from chamber three, shoots chamber five into the sand bag only to discover that it was empty; a long pause before chamber six is shot at himself, and then chamber one is rapidly discharged at the sand bag and is shown to have contained the bullet.

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