Derren Brown: TV Specials

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Inside Your Mind (DVD 2003)

Derren Brown - Inside Your Mind contains material from the three Mind Control specials and first TV series.

DERREN BROWN: Mind Control 3 broadcast 1 January, 2002

  • DB identifying jobs of various random people on the street, and then reading career aspirations of an individual
  • DB creating sensation of touching dancers' hands at Spearmint Rhino
  • creating feeling of toothache with medical students, and then anaesthetising one student's hand to allow him to pass a needle through pinched skin
  • DB asking blind athlete series of questions the answers of which match a braille prediction in a sealed envelope
  • DB correctly identifies which hand a volunteer in an arcade is holding a coin in three times in a row (he risks 50 on being able to do it)
  • DB getting tellers to pay out on losing betting slips at greyhound racing at Walthamstow Stadium
  • return to the arcade for a further two correct identifications, after which the the volunteer is able to say whether the coin in his hand is showing heads or tails without looking at it
  • return to Walthamstow and another pay out on a losing ticket
  • shoppers raising their hands in the Whitgift Shopping Centre after having heard DB's tannoy announcement
  • in Heaven night club giving the name of the first guy the volunteer kissed, and where it happened
  • playing Mastermind with a chess champion: DB firstly identifies a single peg chosen by the player, and then the series of four pegs
  • return to Heaven, where DB identifies the name of the person to whom another volunteer first came out
  • continuing Mastermind, DB correctly predicts each of the four pegs chosen before they are placed in the board
  • DB navigating blindfolded and bare foot over a maze booby trapped with barbed wire, razor blades, and broken glass guided by either truthful or fallacious answers provided by a former SAS soldier

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