Derren Brown: TV Specials

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Inside Your Mind (DVD 2003)

Derren Brown - Inside Your Mind contains material from the three Mind Control specials and first TV series.

DERREN BROWN: Mind Control 2 broadcast 25 August, 2001

  • DB talks about the ability to influence anyone with psychological techniques, and demonstrates it be telling the viewer "don't think of a black cat" which makes the viewer think of a black cat because of the embedded command "think of a black cat"
  • on the London Underground DB talks to a passenger and ascertains where they are travelling to, DB then wipes his hand across the passenger's vision who is then unable to remember where they are going; DB then taps the passenger's forehead and immediately they are able to recall the station name
  • repeat of the forgetfulness demonstration on the Underground with a different passenger
  • woman at the opera describing a scene from DB's life which matches a hidden photograph
  • an attempt at another example of forgetfulness on the Underground, but the subject is able to remember the station name
  • another successful demonstration of forgetfulness on the Underground
  • in the British Library DB talks about using photographic memory to imitate psychic phenomena and asks a librarian to pick a word from the dictionary at random; the librarian identifies the page, colummn, and entry number he has selected and DB is then able to tell him the selected word and the next entry. The librarian is then given a free choice of any book from the library and DB photo reads the selected book; the librarian chooses a page and DB recites the text correctly, another random page and position on the page is chosen and DB is again able to recite the line and is able to include a detail about the formatting of a French word
  • 'one inch punch' routine initially demonstrated by a kung fu grand master, and then DB performing his version with no contact, and out of sight
  • two sets of two girls watching an upturned mug as DB talks to them and both see the mug move, even though the viewer sees no movement
  • market worker picking vegetable from a selection, result divined by fellow worker and then DB
  • two sets of two girls each holding a fork and as DB talks to them they both see their forks bending, even though the viewer can again see nothing happening
  • at the circus DB sees a demonstration of scissor swallowing by a sword swallower, he then discusses methods of pain control; he lights two candles and the sword swallower holds her hand over the candle for a few seconds before having to pull it away. DB then holds his hand over one candle while four different performers hold their hand over the other candle in turn, while they only manage a few seconds each he does not move his hand
  • market worker hiding picture in market, and then DB finding the picture by moving the worker through the market and letting himself by guided by worker's thoughts; during the walk DB also describes the wedding in detail
  • DB describes the early telepathy tests and the use of ESP cards; DB transmits a card to a group of students to find a volunteer, and the one subject who thought of his card is selected. The subject then selects a card which DB identifies apparently incorrectly, but when she reveals the card, it matches the card that DB places on the table; she selects another card which matches DB's predicted card; she then transmits a series of cards to DB after which he deals the card face down on the table against which she partners hers - as all of the cards are turned face up, they match perfectly
  • reading dinner party host's PIN number
  • DB playing paper, scissors, stone with Millwall supporters
  • predicting final word of a word association game at dinner party
  • DB predicting design for advert created by advertising executives for his fictional chain of taxidermy stores offering subliminal suggestion as the reason behind their design

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