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The 'TV Programmes' pages list Derren Brown's appearances on TV in his own shows (series and specials) or biographical programmes and include televised versions of his stage shows. It is beyond the scope of this site to keep track of all his guest appearances on other shows or interviews, but many of these clips can now be found on YouTube. Where programmes are available to watch on 4OD, links have been included in the listings.

Where possible, a list of the effects he performs in each programme, or a description of the programme's contents, has been included and first transmission dates are recorded. As TV material is often repeated in the UK and syndicated to foreign broadcasters, no attempt will be made to keep a record of subsequent broadcasts of previously transmitted programmes. If programmes are either available to watch online or to purchase on DVD, relevant links are included.

Where any information about the music used to accompany sections of the programmes is known, it is also included. The majority of the details of music are all due to the aural perspicacity of spasmthecat on the unofficial forum.

The information is collated from a variety of sources, including Derren Brown's official web site, and will always endeavour to reflect the best available information; however, if there are any missing details, please do not hesitate to get in touch to point out omissions.

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