Whitlock, Percy (b Chatham, Kent, 1 June, 1903 - d Bournemouth, 1 May, 1946)
Whitlock started his musical career as a chorister at Rochester Cathedral, he was a scholar at the Cathedral Choir School and then the Kings School. He attended the Royal College of Music between 1920 and 1924 where he studied organ with Henry G Ley, and composition with Ralph Vaughan Williams.

In 1921 Whitlock became the assistant organist at Rochester under Charles Hylton Stewart. At the same time he was able to be the organist and choir master at St Mary's, Chatham and then at St Matthew's Parish Church, Borstal. It was assumed that he would become the organist at Rochester when the opportunity arose, however, one Harold E. Bennet was appointed to the post when Hylton Stewart left for Chester Cathedral. Whitlock resigned as assistant and moved to Bournemouth where he became organist at St Stephen's Parish Church, a post he held until 1935. In 1932 he was appointed as the Borough Organist at the Municipal Pavilion; this job took the majority of his time. He remained in this post until his untimely death in 1946.

During his time in Bournemouth he also gave recitals in London, and other Southern venues, he also gave performances for the BBC. He was also a regular contributor to the Bournemouth Daily Echo writing under the pseudonym of Kenneth Lark, a nom de plume to which he also attributed a number of contemporary compositions.

He had interests outside his musical sphere which including being a great Meccano enthusiast, and building working clocks. He also wrote a monograph on the steam locomotives of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway.