Morley, Thomas (b Norwich, 1557/8 - d London, early October, 1602)
Morley was a pupil of Byrd, and was master of the choristers at Norwich Cathedral between 1583 and 1587 before becoming organist of St Paul's Cathedral, London (by 1589), and a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal in 1592. From 1598 he held the patent for printing music that had once been Byrd's and Tallis's. At some period in his life, he was also employed as a government spy.

He was an influential figure as a composer, music editor, and theorist. He wrote service music, anthems, psalms, and Latin motets as well as over 100 madrigals, lighter secular works, accompanied solo songs, keyboard, and other instrumental music. His editions and anthologies of Italian music, some with new English texts, were chiefly responsible for the Elizabethan vogue for Italian madrigals, and he edited the famous English madrigal anthology The Triumphs of Oriana.