Binchois, Gilles de Bins dit (b Mons?, c1400 - d Soignies, 20 September, 1460)
Along with Dunstable and Dufay, Binchois was one of the leading musical figures of the early 15th century. He was the organist of Ste Waudru, Mons from 1419 and was allowed to move to Lille in 1423 where he apparently entered the service of Willian Pole, Earl of Suffolk. Later in teh 1420s he joined the Burgundian court chapel being appointed a secretary to the court around 1437. He held prebends in Bruges, Mons, Cassel and Soignies where he finally retired. In Soignies he was appointed provost of the collegiuate church of St Vincent in 1452 while still receiving a pension from the Burgundian court.