This is a repository of all of the assignments which I produced as the coursework for my degree course at Birmingham. They are reproduced here in the hope that they may be of some help to others researching the same subject areas. The final mark awarded is included alongside the title of each assignment.

Year 5 (Level 3) (2004/5)

Comparative Cultural Studies

The Art of Listening

Exploring Romanticism

Literature and the Asylum

Essentials of Applied Psychology

Dissertation Project

Year 4 (Level 2) (2003/4)

Museums, Tourism, and Heritage Culture

Romanticism to Modernism - English Literature 1830 - 1930

Sentiment and Empire

Women and Impressionism

Presentation and Dissertation Skills (Level 3)

Year 3 (Level 2) (2002/3)

Europe and the Dictators 1900 - 1990

Industry and Revolution in 18th Century England

History of Ideas

Year 2 (Level 1) (2001/2)

England in the Nineteenth Century

History of Birmingham

Foundations of Modern Europe (1648 - 1792)

Year 1 (Level 1) (2000/1)

Introduction to Information Technology

Perspectives of Human Psychology

Introduction to Social Sciences